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Here’s a thought for you. Do you believe that being selfish can actually be the most generous thing you can do? I know that sounds almost like an oxy-moron but it is true. Let me explain.

Most people think that the best thing that they can do is help other people. Some even push themselves to the limit in order to see that others are safe or doing well. The problem is some people burn out from all the effort they put in, or even worse, they die.

Why we can be grateful for all the effort that they have undertaken, the issue is that they can never do it again. It’s like money. People who win lottery are swamped by charities of all sorts asking for money. In most cases lottery winners are pestered nonstop to hand over the cash, and a lot of places will not take no for an answer. They just want the money and will take all of it if they can.

While charities are good, the collection arms of these areas are vicious. The problem arises is that the person who has the money gives it all away believing that they are doing the right thing. They are being selfless, and they feel good. But what happens when the money is gone? They can no longer give, and in fact they end up needing the support of the charities that they just gave their money too.

The better thing do to is to be selfish and don’t give away any of your winning. You hold on to the lot and invest it. Then you allocate a portion of the interest earn from the initial winnings. This way you can give to more over a great period of time. That is more generous. By holding on to the money, you look after yourself and you can help others.

This is what people that burn themselves out forget. They are so focused on helping others that they don not time to care for themselves. They don’t take time to relax or look after their own health. The burn our or die and the great work that they were doing is lost. Yet if they just looked after themselves they could have continued for years to come doing what they love and helping many more people.

So this week I want you to take care of yourself. Take time to relax and be selfish. You are allowed to do that. You will not go to Hell because you took a day off to pamper yourself. Indulge in the things that you like and don’t feel guilty about it. The world will still be here tomorrow and they problems of today will not disappear. And because you have been selfish you can now be generous for a lot longer.

You cannot help or save everybody, and trying to do so will not help or save you. Look after yourself and be a little bit selfish. I think the best way to conclude this article is to take a line from Super Tramp, “Give, give a little bit…. “

Terry Shadwell

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