5 Things That You Should Avoid in The Year 2011 Altogether

1. Blaming things due to gender

I was once in an argument recently with my partner and she forcefully uttered the remark “typical male!” responding to something unkind I had said. Although I felt sorry for what I have said and wanted to apologize, her remark had put me in a spot as if I apologized I would not only have apologized for my comment but also for my own gender. But since I can’t really change my gender, I would be apologizing for being myself!

Think about this for a moment: He is doing this because he is not a perfect woman, he doesn’t do this because he’s not a woman, she is doing this because she is not a man, and so on… This actually makes things a whole lot more complicated, and things are actually simpler if we approach conflict with as little stereotypes as possible.

2. Exhausting yourself needlessly

Don’t waste your energy and time on the late-night TV or web browsing which is not productive at all when you have work or a job in the early morning. Skipping your late-night TV or web browsing will help you to become a more useful person at work, a friend who is more fun to be with, and it will also definitely be easier to hit the gym or whatever you had planned for your new year’s resolution.

3. Putting off your dreams

If you have put off your dreams up till now, stop doing it. Look at your biggest dreams and identify the things that make them so appealing to you. Is it the free time that you will get as a result of them, the great relationships or just being in the best shape of your life? Pick out something that you can do this year that will enable you to enjoy some of that dream without all the extras. Maybe you would also like to save up a bit of money and spend it on that amazing purchase you have always wanted or take some unpaid time off. Learn to treasure the time you have and don’t wait until you have a lot of money before starting to savor the world around you.

4. Not asking for help

I am sure that you will be surprised and stunned if you just knew how many people are actually willing to help you if you clearly define what you want and ask for help directly instead. But of course don’t ask for help and expect people to give you everything on the golden platter. Ask for help like the friend who has done almost everything in his power to achieve what he wants and needs only that final push from a buddy or someone else to reach success!

5. Taking things for granted

Time is limited and we don’t have all the time in the world. Seize the moment and learn to treasure the things you have right now. As you are coming to the end of this article, you would have realized that the time you have spent here is gone. So learn to treasure the information that you have gotten back from this article, time, your loved ones and anything else you currently have in your life!

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